PirateSnap is the photography blog of Chris Fenton otherwise known as PirateChristoph. The blog is updated once a month and offers thoughts, advice and learning on all aspects of photography.

The Pirate

Chris was bitten by the photography bug in his teens but let the bite fester a little during his 20s when he was more interesting in jumping around dark rooms listening to ear bleedingly loud music.  Even during the dark ages of his 20s there was never a camera far away from his sweaty grip. Now in his early 30s the camera has started to play a different role in the Pirates life. Where once he expressed himself by throwing shapes on the dance floor he finds that pointing a lens at something is just as rewarding. This blog tells the story of how the Pirate picked up his camera again and thought to himself “hey, maybe this can help me to understand myself”.  Or maybe he was just bored and thought “Oooooo shiny camera. Maybe that will entertain me for a while!?”.

When he isn’t taking photos Chris designs software for the market research industry as well as being a husband and father.

Feel free to check out Chris’s photostream on Flickr:


Please Note: PirateChristoph is not a real  Pirate.


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